The Persecuted Church

Help For Suffering Christians

In every encounter, through word and deed, Jesus boldly demonstrated the love of God and the way to life. These acts of love often resulted in Jesus suffering for another, and ultimately lead to his crucifixion. Jesus commissions his disciples everywhere to “go and do likewise.” Nowhere is Jesus’ sacrificial life mirrored more beautifully than in areas in which Christians are persecuted for following Jesus. 

Every month on average:

345 Christians are murdered for their faith in Christ

105 churches and Christian buildings are burned or attacked

219 Christians are arrested and imprisoned simply for expressing their faith.

How can we help alleviate their suffering? By joining with ministries such as Voice of the Martyrs and Opens Doors who act as bridges between the persecuted church and the global church—providing physically for those on the front lines while educating and rallying the larger Body of Christ in prayer and other means of support.