Restoring Our Foundations

Strengthening Biblical Families In Rwanda

Restoring our Foundations (ROF) is a support ministry for the kingdom work of Archbishop Emmanuel and Freda Kolini. The focus is to rebuild solid Biblical foundations, through teaching and discipleship, for the families in Rwanda and the rest of East Central Africa.

THE KOLINIS began this promising journey with a profound desire to impact their world by praying for God's guidance as to the meaning of Psalm 11:3 and its implications to their future ministry.

What was the Lord saying about the answer to the question posed in this verse? Sensing a call from the Lord and desiring to respond in obedience, the Kolinis sought to look with Biblical eyes at the world around them. They saw the Lord calling the righteous (His church) to become empowered agents of change in our fallen world, a return to God's original intent for the His creation through the family.

The Kolinis believe deeply that meaningful and lasting change must begin first in family: the foundational unit of society. After sharing this vision in discussions with many other leaders in Rwanda, in the US and around the world, they received resounding confirmation. Thus, the ministry Restoring Our Foundations was birthed. In its formative stage, the Kolins have been able to minister to a vast number of leaders within the Christian churches and communities in Rwanda and elsewhere. Gatherings-large and small, formal and informal-have emphasized the necessity of fervent prayer, God-ordained planning, and God directed, Holy Spirit-empowered action!


• The family is the God- ordained cornerstone of human society.

• Responding to Psalm 11:3, ROM endeavors to call the righteous to the vital task of rebuilding the foundations of our society by helping achieve a Biblical home life for as many as possible.

• Strong families make strong churches, leading to strong

communities and in turn make a strong nation.


Jesus is the very foundation (1 Cor. 3:11) and offers the model for every human society. Awakening ourselves and the world to the transforming power of Jesus through the Holy Spirit's work within the family is the heart-beat of ROFM!


There is a now window of opportunity open for action, a call to therighteous to come alongside the Kolinis and this ministry to help change the future for the better! Teaching, training, retreats, conferences and guidance will focus on the expression of the love of God through understanding the call of each of these four pillars, individually and together, and Biblical wholeness changes the world we touch.