Pastor Search

Thank you for taking the time to consider our search for a new senior pastor at Christ Church.

Please read the job description below before contacting us.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send an email to and read the Parish Profile.



Call a priest to lead Christ Anglican Church, Mobile, on a day-to-day basis in ways that will effectively build our community, disciple our members, and reinforce our mission-centered focus.

Nature and Scope

The Pastor’s Authority

The Head Pastor has the primary role of leading the congregation in its life and ministry, functioning as the chief executive of the parish. The Head Pastor has authority in all matters relative to the spiritual welfare of the parish.

The Pastor will work in partnership with the Leadership Team (Vestry) to fulfill the mission of Christ Anglican Church and will have authority over decisions regarding essential matters. Directly reporting to the Pastor, and serving at his pleasure, are all staff members and the

Ministry Team leaders.

The Pastor is also the chief liturgist of the parish, conducting worship and preaching regularly.

The Pastor is responsible for the pastoral care of the congregation and is charged with increasing the depth and breadth of the participation of the laity in leadership roles, sharing with them in the parish ministry. As such, the Pastor functions as a “recruiter” of parishioners and an educator and enabler of each ministry in its efforts to define and carry out its tasks.

The Bishop’s Authority

The Bishop has authority over the identity, values, and vision of the churches of the Anglican Mission International. Our mission is to raise, release and support three-stream Anglican leaders, planters, and communities of faith to reach the lost for Jesus Christ in the United States.


The Pastor must consult with the Bishop in any decisions that would change the identity, values, or vision of Christ Church, Mobile. Any differences over what constitutes changes in identity, values, and vision would be resolved by the Pastor, the Leadership Team, and the Bishop together.

Pastor Responsibilities

• Lead worship, preach the Gospel and administer the sacraments.

• Guide staff, lay leaders, and the congregation in establishing goals.

• Motivate lay leaders, staff, and the congregation in living into who God has called them to be as His Kingdom presence (both as individuals and corporately).

• Oversee the process of discipleship in the congregation, by equipping the laity to proclaim by word and example the good news of God in Christ.

• Find creative ways to help people grow and mature in their faith.

• Participate in community and regional activities so that the congregation’s mission is furthered.

• Maintain a pattern of life that sets a wholesome Christian example while maintaining healthy stewardship of personal time and energy, including regular days off and vacations.

• Lead the Ministry Teams

• Meet regularly with the bishop.

Candidate Qualities

We are looking for candidates who have the following:

• Holy Spirit led, and Holy Spirit fed.

• Bible-based theology

• skill and passion as a preacher

• a heart for worship

• previous liturgical experience

• compassionate heart for outreach

• support for small groups

• an ability to exercise leadership creatively and collaboratively, building and encouraging teams

• experience in engaging the church with the world and inspiring others to do the same

• shepherd God’s flock by watching over and caring for them as a pastor and priest

• support, pastor, and mentor the staff

Our Strengths

Spirit Filled: We are a church built upon the traditions of Anglican liturgical worship and the "Three Streams" of Scripture, Sacrament, and Spirit. We actively seek guidance from the Holy Spirit during worship, through scripture, and prophetic word. We know for the Spirit to guide us, we must be aware of His leading.

Diversity: We are a diverse congregation from various denominational backgrounds, races, ages, and nationalities. We embrace cultural differences and seek to build relationships with one another.

Equipping the Saints: We work to provide ministries for the healing of the body, mind, and soul. We have congregants who are trained through Christian Healing Ministry as well as trained prayer ministers who hold private prayer appointments.

Prayer: Scripture tells us that prayer was at the heart of Jesus’ leadership. The Vestry and Leadership of Christ Church gather before our service each Sunday morning for a time of prayer. We pray with grateful hearts for our blessings. We pray for an indwelling of the Holy Spirit to lead our ministers and congregation. And we pray for one another, our families, and our life together in Jesus Christ.

Our Challenges

Attracting Young Families: Mobile is a strong family town, and the population is very fluid. It seems we are regularly welcoming new people into the church as well as sending people out. Our congregation works hard to make visitors feel welcome and many times, visitors state they felt an instant connection and the presence of the Holy Spirt. There is a wealth of wisdom at Christ Anglican Church, given the number of aging members. However, retaining new families has been challenging for us.

Attendance: Our congregation is small and closely knit, but regular attendance for Sunday worship fluctuates. We offer a livestream on Sunday mornings so that members of our congregation can stay connected if they cannot attend in person. Living in a post COVID world has affected church attendance and we are working to rebound from that mindset and fill our sanctuary once again.

Budget: Christ Anglican Church has enjoyed a long history of being financially stable and fiscally responsible. Not surprisingly, several uncontrollable factors had an impact on our finances: COVID, the retirement of our rector, and today’s economic climate.

Building Maintenance: Our church building is well maintained and structurally sound. Like any other building, it has incurred normal aging. Parish workdays are planned throughout the year to keep the grounds and building maintained.