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Christ Anglican Church is continuing its successful Life Group meetings throughout the city and in Spanish Fort. In this next six week season, apart from the usual worship, fellowship, prayer, and community, we will be studying the remarkable truths in Jesus' ministry regarding the Kingdom of God. Jesus began his ministry with the words, “Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand ” and for forty days after his resurrection, Luke tells us that he taught almost exclusively about the coming Kingdom. What is it in our understanding of the Gospel that we are missing today? Our study will be aided by Luke’s gospel and helpful exposition from Derek Morphew, a leading South African Bible teacher and scholar who has written the book, “Breakthrough: Discovering the Kingdom.” This will be no dry, dull study. As it was for the first disciples, so discoveries about the Kingdom of God will change our view of our world and our relationship with the risen Christ and His Kingdom. 
Whether you are a member of Christ Anglican Church or milli interested in these great truths, sign up today and join one of the groups. For more information, please contact us.